Saturdays in October

Award-Winning, seasonal Haunt for teens and adults

Journey Trails is one of the most fun, evangelistic outreach events you will ever experience.

Old school scares in the deep, dark woods of New Kent.

Choose your Destiny at this unique, creative experience that challenges you mind, body and soul.

Bring the family, friends, neighbors, youth group, or sports team.

Scare you soon!

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Customer Reviews


"Can I just, creepy....and yes....even though I knew it was coming...SCARY! went with my husband, children and grandchildren and we all were thoroughly impressed and distressed from the beginning to the end...surprise, laughter, screams. I can't believe that these folks aren't professionals...they were that good. Just enough creepiness to make your inner self wonder "is this real" We will definitely be back next year....and on top of everything's for a good cause" -  J.C.

"My sons and I visited the trails last night and we loved it! I was very impressed. I wasnt expecting much because of the price but this trail was better than a lot of haunted trails I've gone on that were three times the price! Would definitely recommend!"  - R.B.

"Kids had a ball. It was definitely something we will add to our yearly traditions." - A.B.

"Journey Trails was a really great experience! We had a group of 9 that went through and we all loved the trail! The darkness and the creepiness was spot on, it's honestly one of the best haunted attractions I've been to in quite some time! Way to go guys, keep it up!!" - C.C.

"One of the best around!! We really enjoyed it! Highly recommend to everyone looking for a good scare. Great job Journey Trails, we will definitely be back!" - A.T.

Questions & Answers

Answers to commonly asked Questions.

YES! All proceeds go to help support the ministries and building project of New Hope Church and New Hope Food Pantry. Thank you for your support!

Yes, there are three walking trails this year.

These are natural, wooded, walking trails in the deep, dark woods of New Kent. Please wear appropriate footwear!

Yes, they are! This year your one price admission ticket inclues "The Great Deception", "The Truth Revealed" and "The Fun House" trails.

It is perfect for both large and small groups. Many types of groups come through Journey Trails (Youth Groups, Sports Groups, Co-workers...) for team building fun, or as a reward for a job well done. However we will ask you to divide into smaller groups of 6 or less to go through the trails as this will enhance your experience.

This is a GREAT way for families to have fun together, especially families with teens and even young adults.

These trails are not built for children under the age of 10. However, if you have a brave youngster who wants to try, and they know the difference between real and pretend, it is appropriate for all ages.

If you don't touch them, they won't touch you!


Yes we do! We have hot dogs, chili, nachos, mac & cheese, hot and cold drinks and snacks. Buy a hot dog "Meal Deal" online with your tickets and save! 

Journey Trails has been entertaining the community since 2004. We started on Mt. Castle Rd in Providence Forge, and moved to our present location in 2007. We took 1 year off for a reset in 2015.

Many people think this before they experience it, but are very surprised with what they find. Just because we are a church doesn't mean we don't know how to have fun! In face, we hold 2 awards for Special FX make up from the National Haunters Convention competing with well known haunts on the National stage. You just have to see it to believe it!

We use Timed Ticketing to help control the crowds. But if you need to change your reservation for any reason, you may easily do so through your confirmation email. However, there is a $5 upcharge to change your reservation, and it must be done on line, by you, prior to the event.

In order to guarantee your spot, on line ticket purchase is strongly recommended. There are no guarantees if, or when, you will get in if you purchase your ticket at the door, but yes, we do take walk ups.

But for Real...Choose Your Destiny
"But I will tell you whom to fear, Fear God, who has the power to kill you and then throw you into hell. Yes, He's the one to fear." Luke 12:5


Journey Trails is more than just a haunt. It is a mind, body and soul experience. The two trails, "Journey to Heaven" and "Journey to Hell" make you think about the fact that you will die someday. By default, everyone is headed to Hell, but if Hell is not your desired destination, you must do something about it, and do it soon! That something, is to simply choose Christ, and the sacrifice He has already made for your sin. He did the work, you just have to accept His free gift of salvation. Then live life differently because of it. Jesus Christ desires for you to choose Him. Will you?

If you have any questions about your eternal destiny, or if you are hurting, or want help with the next step of your spiritual journey, no matter what it is, we would love to talk with you.  Please call us anytime, at 804-932-3967. Also, join us Sunday mornings at 10:30 as we learn more about our Creator and Savior and grow in our personal relationship with Him.

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Friday, Oct 7

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