Journey Haunted Trails

Choose Your Destiny

Journey Trails is one of the most fun, evangelistic outreach events you will ever experience. Old school scares in the deep, dark woods of New Kent. Choose your own Destiny at this unique, creative experience. We challenge you mind, body and soul. Bring the family, friends, youth group, or sports team. Our reviews speak for themselves. Scare you soon!

"Can I just, creepy....and yes....even though I knew it was coming...SCARY! went with my husband, children and grandchildren and we all were thoroughly impressed and distressed from the beginning to the end...surprise, laughter, screams. I can't believe that these folks aren't professionals...they were that good. Just enough creepiness to make your inner self wonder "is this real" We will definitely be back next year....and on top of everything's for a good cause" -  J.C.

"My sons and I visited the trails last night and we loved it! I was very impressed. I wasnt expecting much because of the price but this trail was better than a lot of haunted trails I've gone on that were three times the price! Would definitely recommend!"  - R.B.

"Kids had a ball. It was definitely something we will add to our yearly traditions." - A.B.

"Journey Trails was a really great experience! We had a group of 9 that went through and we all loved the trail! The darkness and the creepiness was spot on, it's honestly one of the best haunted attractions I've been to in quite some time! Way to go guys, keep it up!!" - C.C.

"One of the best around!! We really enjoyed it! Highly recommend to everyone looking for a good scare. Great job Journey Trails, we will definitely be back!" - A.T.

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Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

YES! All proceeds go to help support the New Hope Food Pantry which serves 120 - 150 families per week. We thank you for your support!

Drive in Movie setting will replace waiting in line
There will be no congregating in the tent as in previous years
Patrons will go directly from their car to the trails at their appointed time
Advance Purchased, Timed Ticketing, is required to control the number of attendees
Last minute add on to a group is fine as long as they go in with your group
There will be no walk through obstacles where germs could sit and spread
Our actors will be using mostly masks, rather than makeup (though probably not pleasant ones!)
This is an outdoor event, patrons may wear masks at their discretion

Yes, but there are two walking trails. You get to CHOOSE your destiny

  • The Journey to Heaven - Are you Ready to Die?
  • The Journey to Hell - Are you AFRAID to Die?

Yes, they are, but you CHOOSE which you will go down first.

It is perfect for groups both large and small. Many groups come through Journey Trails (i.e. Youth Groups,
Sports Groups, Co-workers...) as a reward, or team building fun.

This is a GREAT way for families to have fun together.

As long as the child knows the difference between real and fake, children are usually fine. Our actors are
instructed to be sensitive to very young children.

If you don't touch them, they won't touch you!

Yes we do. We have hot dogs, nachos and hot and cold drinks.

Journey Trails began in 2004. We took 2 years off for a reset from 2015 - 2017. 

A lot of people think this coming into it but are very surprised with what they find. Just because we are a church doesn't mean we don't know how to have fun! We also won Special FX Make up Wars competition at the National Haunter's Convention 2 years in a row against some haunts on the National stage. So read the reviews, and come see for yourself.

In order to help control the crowds, Timed Ticketing is mandatory this year. There is a $5 upcharge to change your reservation, and it must be done on line prior to the event.

Not this year. Please be sure to purchase your ticket on line and in advance.