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Join us for this week long Bible school For All Ages. We will learn about, and celebrate, God's Greatest Creation. US! In the beginning… God said, ‘Let us make human beings so that they are like us (The Trinity). So God created human beings in His own likeness. He created them to be like Himself. He created them as male and female.” “And God saw everything that He had made and it was Very Good!” Gen. 1:1, 27, 31  

As the world continues to try to blend us all into one gender, or to divide us into 72 different genders, we will take a Biblical look at our Creator's original intent. Then we will learn from Biblical role models how to be the best, of what He created us to be. There will be two locations for this event, The Tent, and the Pastor's Field. 

The week will end with a Slumber Party and Camp Out! If you would like to participate and/or help please let us know and attend the planning session on May 22nd. It will be a fun, and enriching week for all.