New Hope 4 Education

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New Hope 4 Education is New Hope's response to the Education crisis of today. Offering support to Homeschooling families who have chosen book learning over virtual learning. Drop off your children for low cost educational oversight in a mostly outdoor, healthy environment, or volunteer in lieu of payment. We are here to help meet the needs of struggling homeschooling parents.

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  • Volunteer based, affordable, Christian education alternative to public schools
  • Smaller, more intimate setting, for safer, social interactions
  • Stable environment in response to the frequent changes due to the Covid 19 crisis
  • Outdoor, education experience (whenever possible) using nature to enhance the learning environment, promote creativity, and inhibit the spread of germs
  • Promote a healthy curiosity, experimentation, and appreciation for the natural wonder of God’s beautiful creation
  • Engaging the otherwise dormant, wealth of knowledge, information and resources available within our own community to enhance the education of our children and grandchildren